External Accessory Mobile Application Development

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Leveraging our mobile application expertise, Vanity Point gives you access to a team of experts in mobile application development to handle your external accessory app development. We are experienced in integrating mobile applications with external hardware and accessories utilizing either an external accessory framework or accessories API. We are experienced integrating external hardware to an iPhone or iPad via the 30-pin dock connector or to Android devices via USB for wired communication and Bluetooth and WiFi connections for wireless connectivity.

Common uses include external accessories utilized for medical devices, scales/measurement, tracking/scanning and home automation to name a few. These exciting new integrated solutions that combine iPhone and Android apps with dedicated hardware are at the forefront of today’s mobile application development landscape and offer exceptional opportunities to innovative individuals and companies.

Vanity Point can assist you with controlling and monitoring external devices, whether you've built them yourself or obtained them from a third party. The accessories APIs and external accessory frameworks expand the market for mobile application developers well beyond what was originally envisioned to a whole new world of application development. If you are in the development phase and looking to create a proof of concept/demo to show a working accessory connected to the iPhone, we can assist you with appropriate application development.

Why Choose Vanity Point for External Accessory Application Development

At Vanity Point, we focus on leveraging cutting edge technologies to assist with business enterprises of all types. By constantly working at the creative boundaries of mobile application, we aim to explore progressive, previously undefined uses for mobile application technology and empower forward thinking organizations around the globe. Pairing mobile devices with external accessories is currently at the front of that curve.

We are always looking for exciting augmented reality projects; if you have an idea, let us know and we will try our best to deliver it. Our talented designers and developers can handle any project you need built.