Augmented Reality Apps Development

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Vanity Point specializes in adapting and leveraging emerging technologies. With our technical expertise and extensive experience, we are able to craft premium augmented reality applications for not only mobile devices but for online environments. Our highly creative augmented reality solutions bring audiences closer to brands, deliver memorable online retail experiences, enhance in-store promotions and bring mobile to life.

With augmented reality, we allow ambitious organizations to harness amazing digital experiences for mobile, retail and promotional opportunities. Vanity Point’s augmented reality platforms are engineered to reflect the exact requirements of each brand, to deliver the highest impact use of this exciting technology and provide incredible promotional and sales benefits.

Our augmented reality team includes highly skilled programmers and marketing experts working together to unlock the potential of your augmented reality program. Augmented reality gives you an unbelievable opportunity to grow your brand; with users able to virtually try products on online in real time, it creates a premium opportunity to support your social strategy. For example, enable your clients to become powerful advocates by sharing images online wearing your products. They can now virtually try your product on, take a photo, share and discuss on social sites, becoming highly influential promoters of your brand.

Why Choose Vanity Point for Augmented Reality Development

At Vanity Point we focus on creating high-concept, high impact projects engineered to drive marketing and retail campaigns. By re-defining the creative boundaries of augmented reality through experience and creativity, we aim to explore progressive, previously undefined uses for augmented reality technology and empower forward thinking organizations around the globe.

Vanity Point augmented reality experiences typically engage cutting edge use of technology, and may include sound, or gesture recognition, haptic technologies, or simply a unique concept presented in an immersive environment to your online or in-store audience. We are always looking for exciting augmented reality projects; if you have an idea, let us know and we will try our best to deliver it.